frequently asked questions

This spiritual Christian retreat site offers beautiful views, nearby walking trails, outdoor space f

What is the purpose of going on retreat?

In general, the purpose of a retreat (which, in this case, means getting away not running away in defeat as in military terms), refers to seeking a place of solitude in order to quiet and center your spirit, to seek to be in the presence of God, to hear his voice, and be refreshed, renewed, equipped to re-enter the world at large. For more information on retreats visit our Retreat Information page.

Do you have pre-programmed group retreats?

We cater to individuals at The Haven. So, we don’t offer programmed retreats. We do have some retreat outlines that some guests choose to follow. See our Retreat Library  page to view and print anything you like there.

Any large group retreat options?

No large retreats as we are a small personal retreat site. We presently can only sleep 2-4 people and day retreats are limited to 6-8 total persons.

What about food?

We do not serve food for our guests. We do provide the following:

  • Bottled water (refrigerated)
  • Coffee and related condiments
  • Tea
  • A fully equipped kitchen and dining area.

In addition, there are markets and numerous restaurants within 3 miles of the property.

Do I bring my own linens and what about clean up?

No need - we have bed linens and towels for you. And, we simply ask that you wash any dishes or other kitchen utensils that you use and strip the sheets-only off the bed you used and place them  on the floor. We’ll take it from there!

I heard you have horses - are horseback rides available?

You are right. We have 2 horses on site. Sorry, horse rides are not available. But we do welcome you to visit the horses. They love people and, unless they are preoccupied with eating, they will probably let you pet them. We do ask that you stay outside of the horse enclosures for safety and liability reasons.